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Village Health Partners in Plano, TX employs trained and seasoned family doctors who understand women's health issues. These specialized practitioners offer women the help they seek as they enter and continue through menopause. Hormone replacement therapy, better known as HRT, is one of the most effective treatments for menopause symptons. Once a woman’s hormone levels fall they are subjected to medical conditions, such as hot flashes and osteoporosis. When levels of estrogen and progesterone drop, women can benefit from artificially boosting their hormone levels to stimulate the release of eggs. HRT can also be used to treat normal production disruptions of hormones, including premature ovary failure. Taking hormones should be re-evaluated every 4-6 months.

How Does it Work?

Hormone replacement therapy is short-term, lasting 1-2 years. HRT can be delivered with daily oral tablets, injections, skin patches that release hormones, implants, vaginal rings or transdermal gels. Once HRT begins, women will notice their menopausal systems decline and sometimes stop completely. During follow-up appointments, a doctor may adjust the dosage levels.

Additional Tests

Depending on the type of deliverable you choose, there are other tests that can be conducted. Saliva testing is a noninvasive way of determining a patients hormone levels. Saliva testing provides an accurate representation of the body’s active hormones.

Breeze Through Menopause

Our medical practice wants to give its patients the best therapy and testing imaginable. It is our mission to help menopausal women live healthy and comfortable lives. Our medical team is here to give you the best options for hormone therapy, and looks forward to meeting you. Please contact our office to schedule and upcoming appointment.

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