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About Dr. Segal

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Dr. Irwin Segal has always had a strong commitment to family medicine. He was the very first physician in a family medicine residency program in the province of Quebec, Canada. He was actively involved in establishing the family medicine program at McGill University in Montreal, where he grew up. It was at McGill University that he completed his medical education and training, and, by the time he moved to Texas in 1978, the family medicine program that he helped establish was the most popular residency program for McGill Medical School graduates. Dr. Segal is board-certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. He has been recognized as one of Collin County's Best Doctors in the specialty of family medicine by D Magazine

As a family physician, Dr. Segal is committed to practicing evidence-based medicine, using best practices developed from scientifically significant clinical data. His conservative approach avoids jumping on trendy fads in healthcare that often prove to be expensive and of no benefit to his patients. At the same time, he is always conscious of his responsibility to allocate both the patient's and the public's healthcare resources in a cost effective manner. Forty years of experience has reinforced that the art of actively listening to patients is the most important instrument to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

Dr. Segal has been in private practice in Plano since 1978, first in solo practice before co-founding the Segal Family Medicine Center in 2005. He is excited to now be part of Village Health Partners, which he feels is well positioned to serve its patients through the challenging and changing healthcare environment. This provides an opportunity to offer the highest quality care through better technology as well as better patient access to health resources. 

Dr. Segal lives in Dallas with his wife, Anna. They are very busy with their four grandchildren and love to travel.