How to avoid getting sick while traveling

Dr. Scott Wang | 11/25/2019

Here are a few tips on how to avoid getting sick while traveling during the holiday season!


The truth behind common flu shot myths

Dr. Michael Yao | 11/22/2019

Misunderstandings about the flu vaccine spread almost as quickly as the flu itself, so here’s what you need to know about some common misconceptions!


Your healthy Thanksgiving game plan

Amber Odom RDN, LD | 11/19/2019

Find out how to enjoy the foods you love and make new traditions without compromising your nutrition goals this Thanksgiving!


Village Health Partners merges with Texas Family Medicine

Village Health Partners | 11/15/2019

Here we grow! Find out about how this merger benefits you.


Diabetes and your eyes - What you need to know about Diabetic Retinopathy

Village Health Partners | 11/11/2019

What's Diabetic Retinopathy? Find out here!


Five ways to boost your immune system heading into flu season

Dr. Michael Yao | 11/06/2019

Flu season is in full effect, and it seems like everyone has a cold or at least the sniffles! Here's how to keep your immune system healthy.


Your guide to a healthy Halloween for the whole family

Dr. Scott Wang | 10/29/2019

Halloween is just around the corner! Here's how you can keep the whole family safe and healthy no matter how you choose to celebrate the holiday!


What you need to know about Medicare when turning 65

Village Health Partners | 10/25/2019

Here’s a short guide on what you need to know to make the transition into Medicare easy.


4 benefits of Village Health Partners' new Park Prescriptions

Dr. Sandy Nguy | 10/23/2019

I'm getting a prescription for what?!


What is a physical?

Dr. Samiksha Shah | 10/04/2019

Annual adult physicals are an essential part of establishing a trusting relationship with your primary care physician at Village Health Partners!


6 Myths about breast cancer screening

Dr. Sandy Nguy | 10/04/2019

This month brings a chance to learn more about breast cancer and ways you can reduce your risks or detect cancer as early as possible.


What to expect on your first visit at Village Health Partners

Dr. Samiksha Shah | 09/27/2019

Village Health Partners is excited to be with you on your health journey!


Welcome Laura Carlson

Village Health Partners | 06/12/2019

Please Welcome Laura Carlson to Village Health Partners


Self Care is Not Selfish

Nicole Turner Beardslee, LPC | 05/03/2019

Read on to learn more about Self-Care options.


Welcome Catherine Nelms

Catherine Nelms, FNP-C | 03/15/2019

Please Welcome Catherine Nelms to Village Health Partners


Eat Right, Live Right, Feel Right!

Melanie Wilder, RD, LD | 03/11/2019

March is National Nutrition Month, this is the perfect time of year to help you make the task to eat right, live right and feel right a little easier.


Flu Symptoms

Rebekah Ellis, FNP-C | 02/01/2019

Read on to learn more about the flu and how to treat and prevent it.


Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies

Amber Odom RDN, LD | 12/11/2018

Here are some tips to keep you healthy and stay on track with your nutrition goals…



Nicole Turner Beardslee, LPC | 12/11/2018

Here are some ways to “Keep Calm and Christmas On” this holiday season.


Care Teams in Primary Care

Village Health Partners | 11/01/2018

Forming and maintaining a relationship with a primary care provider (PCP) can be one of the most important aspects of managing your health.


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