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Allergy Testing in Plano, TX

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Allergy testing is used to help determine what, if anything, infants and children may be allergic to. Children who experience symptoms such as rhinitis, asthma, skin rashes or a reaction to food, insect bites, and medication may need to undergo an allergy test to fully understand what causes the reactions as well as how to best treat them. There are many different methods on how to test for allergies, and parents will need to discuss with their family doctor which method is best suited for their child. School districts often require immediate notification of allergies and proper treatment instructions after completing an allergy test. At Village Health Partners in Plano and McKinney, we carefully evaluate each child and help them to live a healthy, risk-free lifestyle.

About the Procedure

Allergy testing is extremely common among infants and children and should be done regularly or if the child raises alert, such as an allergic reaction. Allergy testing is used as a preventative form of healthcare to help children live healthy, worry-free lifestyles. There are several different allergy testing options that can be given and parents will have the opportunity to discuss the proper treatment option with their practitioner prior to testing. These options include:

  • Skin tests
  • Blood tests
  • Elimination diets

A skin test, which is the most common form of allergy testing, is used to test for food, animal, penicillin and many other allergens. During the skin test, the practitioner will apply a diluted sample of the allergen to the top layer of the skin through a small scratch using a small needle. Should the skin become discolored or sensitive, this is an indication of an allergy. During blood tests, a sample of blood is drawn to test for allergies; this is typically when doing a skin test is not an option. However, it is difficult to determine food allergies through a blood test. Elimination diets are used as a method to weed out food allergies. During this testing, patients may be asked to slowly eliminate specified food from their diet. Popular foods to remove include soy, dairy, eggs, shellfish, and tree nuts. Through allergy testing we help children to maintain their safety and health while at home or at school.

Additional Tests

Upon completing an allergy test, it is uncommon for patients to return for additional testing unless the practitioner found something abnormal in their results. However, patients may need additional tests if the allergy is severe and causing other health concerns. As they develop, children may also need additional allergy testing to ensure they have not developed additional allergies. Allergy tests are used as a preventative care options to help keep children healthy and safe.

Allergy Relief

At our practice, it is our goal to provide parents and children with a safe facility where they can trust us in giving them excellent care. Our goal is to ensure the safety and health of each individual through preventative care options and testing. To keep your child safe from allergies or an allergic reaction, visit our office for a thorough allergy screening test. We will diagnose the allergic issue and create a treatment plan to help ease or eliminate the symptoms.

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