Tina Thomas

About Tina

Tina Thomas is a licensed and registered counselor bringing more than 15 years of experience to Village Health Partners. She sees patients 18 years and older.

Tina lives by the phrase, "Believe you can ______, and you're almost there." She wants patients to understand that therapy can be meaningful in working toward better self-awareness, changing old habits into new patterns, managing stress or grief, and improving personal skills and self-confidence. She hopes patients recognize that there is nothing wrong with seeking out extra care when needed.

Tina encourages patients to see that mental health is as important as physical health as they both work toward overall health. She believes every person has experienced some level of loss or trauma and has tremendous grace for those who reach out to get help with their life's process. She believes that the difficult times we experience simply take time, healing and support often given through therapy.

Tina earned her Ph.D. in clinical counseling and philosophy. She earned a Master of Education in counseling and her bachelor's in criminal justice. In her spare time, Tina volunteers with people who are homeless or neglected and mentoring young adults.

Tina lives in North Dallas with her husband Jason and their Shih Tzu, Regal. As part of a healthy lifestyle, they practice Pilates, music therapy, walking and meditation. They spend their free time traveling, enjoying concerts, movies, and game nights with family and friends.


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