Village Health Partners is now a part of Catalyst Physician Group.

About the Patient Portal

On August 30th, we transitioned to a new medical records platform called athenaOne. This new platform provides us with a better and more efficient way to manage your health records and communicate with you through an advanced Patient Portal.


Access our athenaOne Patient Portal

Patient Portal


Need to register for our new portal?

Existing VHP Patients:

  • Go to to register for our new patient portal which will enable you to communicate with your provider, access your records after 8/30/2023 and more. Portal Instructions
  • If you are on our current portal, please login and download any health records you would like for your personal files. The new platform has transferred your health records prior to 8/30/2023 to your provider, but they will not be visible in the new Patient Portal.
  • The current portal will be available until December 31, 2023, but communication with Village Health Part has switched to athenaOne as of August 30th.


New VHP Patients:

Thank you for choosing VHP. We look forward to seeing you soon.Please call our office to schedule your appointment.

Independence Medical Village 972-596-9511
West Plano Medical Village 972-599-9600
Frisco Plano Medical Village 214-387-8288
McKinney Medical Village 214-964-0304


We are currently experiencing high call volumes. You may experience a wait time of up to 30 minutes during peak hours.

Have questions or need additional help, please contact our portal helpline at [email protected]



Patient Portal FAQs


How do I see my history before switching to athenaOne?


In order to view past records please visit our Healow Link


What if I have not received my username or password?


Please allow several hours to receive your email. If you have not received it after several hours, please call our portal support team at (888) 282-0245 or email [email protected].


How do I obtain a username and password?


If you are an existing patient and have an email address on file, you should have received an email with a link to the portal, a username (email address on file) and a password. Check your spam folder. If you did not receive an email, please call our portal support team at (888) 282-0245 or email [email protected]


I’m having trouble signing on. What can I do?


Confirm your username is correct. Your username is your email address. Check your email to confirm the email address on file for your portal login.


I’m having trouble with my password or I forgot my password. What can I do?


When using your official login, be sure you are typing your password correctly. Passwords are case-sensitive and will only allow letters and numbers, it will NOT contain any special characters. For instruction to sign up click here. For any troubles or questions on the patient portal please call 888-282-0245 or email [email protected]


You can also gain easy access your patient portal account by using the "Mobile Phone" sign-in option. Simply enter your name and date of birth, then we'll text you a verification code to log in and get instant access to your portal! Click here for instructions on how to sign-in with your mobile phone.


How do I change my username?


The username is your current email address. Confirm the correct email address is on file and confirm your identity. If you have any questions, email our patient portal help email [email protected]


How do I change my password?


Sign onto the Portal with your existing password, then click the Reset Password option under My Account.


How can I update my address or phone number?


Sign onto the Portal, then click the Personal Information option under My Account.


How can I update my emergency contacts or pharmacy?


Sign onto the Portal, then click the Additional Information option under My Account.


How can I send a message or an email to the practice?


Sign on to the portal, then click either the Message, the Practice, or Ask the Doctor option under My Account.


How can I request an appointment?


Sign on to the Portal, then click the New Appointment option under appointments.


How can I cancel or request to reschedule an appointment?


Sign on to the Portal, then click on the Upcoming Appointments option under Appointments. Click Cancel or Reschedule as needed.


How can I see my billing statements?


Sign on to the Portal, then click the Latest Statement or Past Statement option under Account. 


How can I view my lab results?


You can view your lab/diagnostic results under Medical Records by clicking on Lab/Diagnostics Results


How can I view my medication list?


Your medications will be displayed under Current Medications on the Welcome page. Click the medication name or View All Meds to view them.


How can I request to refill a medication?


Sign on to the Portal, then click the Refill Medications option under Messages.


How can I update my medications?


For questions or concerns about your medications list, use either Message the Practice or Ask the Doctor from the Portal, or contact your provider’s office


How can I view my immunizations or vital signs?


Sign on to the Portal, then click the PHR View option under Medical Records


How can I view my allergies, medications and problem list (Visit Summary)?


Sign on to the Portal, then click the Visit Summary option under Medical Records. Click the date of the visit to see allergies, medications, problems, and the lab results from this visit.