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Information About Primary Care Services

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An annual physical exam for adults and seniors is important and includes routine blood testing, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other tests.

An annual physical for children is essential to ensure their good health and can include a check of height, weight, blood pressure, blood, and urine.

Asthma testing in children can involve observing and reporting symptoms to a doctor and when children are older, lung function tests are performed.

A bone density test, commonly used on the hip, spine and arm, calculates bone strength by measuring the amount of minerals inside the bone segment.

Our counselors continue to change the lives of area patients and help them feel confident and self-assured in their daily lives.

Diabetes occurs when the body does not produce enough insulin. Our medical practice offers diabetes testing and monitoring for diabetics of all ages.

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition that affects the functionality of the penis, with the main symptom is an inability to get/keep an erection.

Hearing and vision screenings are an integral part of preventative pediatric care and should be performed during annual routine health examinations.

Immunizations are necessary to keep children healthy and aid against serious diseases such as Mumps, Chickenpox, Hepatitis, Influenza, and more.

Immigration exams can be performed at Village Health Partners by our certified civil surgeons to ensure your healthcare requirements are covered.

A male well-check is a form of preventative health care that examines all aspects of men’s health from testing blood pressure to cancer screenings.

A mammogram is annual exam for women that is used to screen for breast cancer, which takes a digital image of the breast to detect abnormalities.

Upon turning 50, the risk of prostate abnormalities drastically increases. It is highly recommended that men receive annual prostate examinations.

Thyroid disease, which can be diagnosed with a simple blood test, is caused by an increase or decrease in the hormones released by the thyroid gland.

Sports physicals are used to determine if an athlete is healthy enough to play and is a requirement to take part in most school athletic programs.

Testosterone levels are important to maintain functions such as bone density, fat distribution, muscle strength & mass, and red blood cell production.

The weight loss doctors at our practice are committed to helping patients reach and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle through proven programs.

An annual well-check for women is important for prevention and includes weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, as well as pelvic and breast exams.

Village Health Partners in Plano, TX offers urgent care for patients who have immediate medical needs, such as infections and minor injuries.

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