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Catalyst Health Network’s Chronic Illness Program

Keeping up with your health shouldn’t be harder with chronic conditions. You have a team of medical professionals at Catalyst Health Network who collaborate and support you and your physician to help you stay on track. They give you an outlet to express your health conerns and make sure you’re never alone on your healthcare journey – all at no cost! The program helps connect you to health partners, navigate healthcare and engage in understanding your health and care.

Who can benefit from this program?

Whether you’re newly diagnosed, trying to keep up with multiple conditions, need help learning about your chronic conditions, have a care giver or your physician thinks you could benefit from the program, your Chronic Illness Management team can help keep you on track between appointments.

Who is part of your chronic illness management team?

Your team consists of pharmacists, care coordinators, care managers (RNs) and referral coordiators and more! They coordinate with your Village Health Partners care team and physician to take care of medication management, specialist visits, scheduling rides to and from appointments, providing extra education on your chronic disease and more. They can also answer any questions you have and want to make sure getting the right care is easy and affordable for you.

What happens when you're reffered?

When your physician refers you to the Chronic Illness Program, you’ll receive a phone call from a Catalyst care coordinator. They’ll discuss your care plan from your physician and help you get familiar with the services and the team that will be working with you and your physician.

Your catalyst chronic care team's Focus

Chronic disease management

You can still achieve a healthy lifestyle while working with your chronic illness. In addition to your physician, you’ll have a few extra partners to guide you and help you with any questions or concerns.

Medication management

You have an in-house pharmacy! Catalyst Rx is located at Legacy Medical Village for your convenience, but they also offer in-home delivery so you don’t have to remember to pick up your medications.

Are you trying to keep up with multiple medications? Your pharmacist can send your medications pre-packaged and grouped by the time of day you should be taking them, and they can help you find alternate medications that minimize side effects.

Your pharmacists also work to make sure your medications are affordable. They can find lower-cost alternatives to your medications to help you save money.

Meet your dedicated team of pharmacists below:

Angela Kuo

Angela Kuo

Legacy Medical Village

Zach DeNardo

Zach DeNardo

Independence Medical Village

McKinney Medical Village

Joice Thomas

Frisco Medical Village

Quality preventive care

Just like your physician, your team is focused on catching diseases before they progress, while they can still be prevented. They’ll help you stay up to date with the screenings your physician requests.

Referral coordination

Your team will ensure you see the right specialist at the right time. They’ll make sure your primary care physician stays up to date on your specialist visits and test results.

Are you ready for a partner in managing your chronic conditions?

Click below to learn how to talk to your physician about this complimentary service and a quick guide to Catalyst Health Network’s Chronic Illness Program.