We're expanding our telehealth hours

Village Health Partners | 04/09/2020

Do you need to visit with a physician outside of our regular hours? You're in luck! You can virtually visit with one of our physicians until 8:30 p.m.


Coronavirus testing has been expanded

Village Health Partners | 04/01/2020

We started by helping those in our community who need it the most. Now we're opening up coronavirus testing to everyone who needs it.


How to care for your senior family members

Village Health Partners | 03/31/2020

Seniors are more vulnerable to the coronavirus. Here's what you can do to help them.


Telehealth: Your questions answered

Village Health Partners | 03/26/2020

Find the answers to all of your questions about telehealth here!


Caring for family members who test positive or are suspected of coronavirus

Village Health Partners | 03/25/2020

If someone you care for is positive or suspected to be positive for COVID-19, here's what you should do to protect yourself and your family.


I tested negative for coronavirus. Now what?

Village Health Partners | 03/24/2020

Here are the steps you should follow to keep your family and our communities safe when your test result comes back negative!


Help! I tested positive for coronavirus.

Village Health Partners | 03/23/2020

You are being cautious. But, what happens if you get symptoms? Where do you get tested? And what if you test positive COVID-19? Get answers here.


Are you ok?

Melanie Hoffman, LCSW | 03/23/2020

The coronavirus has temporarily changed how we live our lives. How are you managing your stress and anxiety? Find some counselor-approved tips here.


Meal Prep 101: Take it bite by bite

Melanie Wilder, RD, LD | 03/20/2020

Meal planning is an important part of eating healthy! Check out some helpful tips on how to start preparing meals ahead of time.


Stay-at-home activities to keep the whole family entertained

Village Health Partners | 03/19/2020

You can still have fun while social distancing! Click here to find a list of family-friendly activities that are fun for everyone.


What does flattening the curve mean?

Village Health Partners | 03/18/2020

Here's how the community can work together to flatten the coronavirus curve by social distancing.


Coronavirus Facts vs. Myths

Village Health Partners | 03/17/2020

As new information about the coronavirus unfolds, we are here to bring you some concrete answers that will help you worry less.


A Message From Our President

Dr. Jamison Albracht | 03/16/2020

While your patient experience may look different during this time, please know that we are making all decisions to prioritize your safety and care.


What you need to know about televisits and the steps we're taking

Village Health Partners | 03/12/2020

We want to keep you, your family and other patients safe, so we are taking every precaution to stay ahead of the spread of the virus.


Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

Village Health Partners | 03/11/2020

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions. Verified by Village Health Partners and Catalyst Health Network physicians.


Fact vs fiction: Test your nutrition knowledge

Amber Odom RDN, LD | 03/09/2020

How much do you know about healthy eating? Find out if some of the most common assumptions are true!


Introducing price transparency

Village Health Partners | 02/20/2020

Welcome to a better kind of healthcare where you'll never have to wonder what your appointments, procedures and treatments will cost.


Five tips for monitoring your blood pressure

Dr. Michael Yao | 02/14/2020

Monitoring your blood pressure can give you important insight into your heart health! Dr. Yao answers common questions about at-home measurements.


Let's talk about the trilogy... not the one you're thinking of!

Village Health Partners | 02/05/2020

What is the trilogy? And how does it affect your overall heart health? Find out more here!


5 Convenient Reasons To Use The Patient Portal

Village Health Partners | 01/17/2020

Take a look at five reasons why you should sign up to use our Patient Portal!


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