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High Cholesterol: Myth vs. Fact

Village Health Partners | 09/22/2021

It's National Cholesterol Education Month. Do you have all the facts?


Reducing Cardiovascular Disease Risk with Cholesterol Medication

Village Health Partners | 09/22/2021

Statins are one of the most commonly prescribed cholesterol lowering medications. Learn more about your options.


Five Steps for Healthy Aging

Village Health Partners | 08/26/2021

Having the right habits in place can be beneficial for your overall health and wellness, here's what you can do now to practice healthy aging!


Personalized Care from Your Personalized Pharmacist

Village Health Partners | 08/24/2021

At Catalyst Health Rx, your dedicated pharmacist will help navigate your insurance’s preferred medication list by working directly with your doctor.


Still Haven't Gotten Your COVID-19 Shot? That's Ok, Let’s Talk About It!

Village Health Partners | 08/17/2021

In order to make the best decisions for your health, you need to have the right information. Here's how we can help!


Healthy Eating Tips

Village Health Partners | 08/16/2021

Regardless of your age, eating healthy should be a lifelong goal and isn’t just for weight loss! Learn more about healthy eating tips here.


You Never Outgrow the Need for Vaccines: Immunizations at Every Age

Village Health Partners | 08/12/2021

August is Immunization Awareness Month! Are you up to date on your vaccines and boosters?


Why Your Doctor Wants to See You More Than Once a Year

Village Health Partners | 08/12/2021

Have you had your annual physical this year? As a senior, here is why your doctor wants to see you more than once a year.


Should I See My Provider in-Person if I’m Feeling Sick?

Village Health Partners | 08/03/2021

Our goal is to keep you healthy, here's how we can achieve that while keeping everyone safe!


Frisco Medical Village: Primary Care Made Easy

Village Health Partners | 07/30/2021

Learn everything you can expect in your primary care experience at Frisco Medical Village!


What your doctor wants you to know about Cologuard

Village Health Partners | 07/21/2021

Learn about a non-invasive option for your colon cancer screening here.


The Truth About Sun Protection: Myth vs. Fact

Village Health Partners | 07/12/2021

Summer is in full swing but do you have the right facts about protecting yourself from harmful sun rays? Here's what you should know!


Medicare Special Enrollment Period has been extended!

Village Health Partners | 06/30/2021

The Special Enrollment Period for Medicare gives you an extra opportunity to find the best Medicare plan for you.


Five Reasons Men Shouldn’t Skip Their Annual Physical

Village Health Partners | 06/17/2021

Regular visits to your primary care provider are necessary even when you feel healthy. Here's why men shouldn't delay their annual physical!


Exciting news: Frisco Medical Village is moving to a new location

Village Health Partners | 06/11/2021

Your new location is opening soon! Learn everything you need to know about the move here.


Understanding Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Village Health Partners | 06/07/2021

Individuals suffering from PTSD don't always receive the help they need. Gain a deeper understanding of PTSD signs and when to seek out help.


What Women Can Do To Take Charge of Their Health

Village Health Partners | 05/20/2021

Have you wondered what the most important things are women can do to be healthier? Learn what actions you can take and the importance of each one!


COVID-19 Vaccine Myths Debunked

Village Health Partners | 05/14/2021

Make sure you're getting correct information about the COVID-19 vaccines here!


What does a counseling visit look like?

Village Health Partners | 05/06/2021

If you've never seen a counselor or therapist, you might not know what to expect. Find out what a counseling visit is like here.


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