Healthy Crockpot Hamburger Potato Casserole

Britney West, MS, RD, LD | 03/23/2023

Do you need a fresh and simple meal idea for those busy weeknights? Look no further, your dietitian Britney West has you covered!


Power Your Day With a Plant-Based Recipe by Dietitian Melanie Wilder

Melanie Wilder, RDN, CSOWM, LD | 03/22/2023

Get the energy you need to your power through your day with this nutrient-packed recipe!


Welcome to the 50th Anniversary of National Nutrition Month®!

Melanie Wilder, RDN, CSOWM, LD | 03/20/2023

We challenge you to think differently about the ways you create healthy habits with food. Try these five steps to get started today!


What Your Provider Wants You To Know About Cologuard

Village Health Partners | 03/08/2023

Learn about a non-invasive option for your colon cancer screening here.


3 Ways To Take Your Heart Health Seriously at Home

Village Health Partners | 02/07/2023

Add these practices to your daily routine to keep your heart health top of mind!


How to Set Weight Loss Goals You Can Stick To

Britney West, MS, RD, LD | 01/26/2023

Follow this dietitian-approved guide to jumpstart your weight loss journey in the healthiest way!


What Everyone Should Know About Thyroid Health

Village Health Partners | 01/19/2023

Thyroid diseases left untreated can lead to serious health conditions. Find out what you can do today to protect your thyroid health.


What is primary care?

Village Health Partners | 01/06/2023

Primary care is a vital part of healthcare! Learn what your primary care physician does to help you achieve whole-person wellness.


Eating Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Britney West, MS, RD, LD | 12/21/2022

Remember these 8 dietitian-approved tips to enjoy guilt-free holiday meals in the healthiest way!


Flu Cases Are Surging: Here’s How To Get the Protection You Need.

Village Health Partners | 12/08/2022

As flu cases continue to spike across Texas, we encourage you to receive your flu shot if you haven't yet. Find out how to secure yours today!


Here’s What You Can Do About Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Village Health Partners | 11/21/2022

Out of the 15 million people in America with COPD, 39% of them have not quit smoking. Here's why it matters to understand the risk factors!


Understanding How Diabetes Starts

Village Health Partners | 11/02/2022

Do you know if you're at risk for diabetes? The more you understand diabetes, the sooner you can decrease your chances of developing it!



Get updates on the COVID-19 vaccine here.


The Truth Behind Common Breast Cancer Misconceptions

Village Health Partners | 10/18/2022

Do you have the most updated information on breast cancer causes and prevention? Here's what all women and men should understand about breast health.


Your Top 5 Questions About Annual Enrollment Period Answered

Village Health Partners | 10/06/2022

Want to know what the "Annual Enrollment Period" you keep hearing of is all about? Find out the details here!


Who is Most at Risk for Ovarian Cancer?

Village Health Partners | 09/20/2022

1 in 78 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Do you know the risk factors?


Five Health Benefits of Having a Dog

Village Health Partners | 08/25/2022

Even when it comes to your health, dogs have proven to be more than "man's best friend". Here's why!


The Importance of Immunizations in Adulthood

Village Health Partners | 08/23/2022

Do you know about the vaccines and boosters recommended for your age? View this guide to ensure you're up to date on yours!


Four Quick Tips to Protect Yourself From the Sun

Laura Billingsley, FNP-C | 07/20/2022

Did you know 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime? Here are four easy tips you can practice to reduce your risk!


Ways to Reach Us

Village Health Partners | 07/13/2022

Alternative ways for you to reach us that don't involve long call wait times.


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