Who is Most at Risk for Ovarian Cancer?

Village Health Partners | 09/20/2022

1 in 78 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Do you know the risk factors?


Five Health Benefits of Having a Dog

Village Health Partners | 08/25/2022

Even when it comes to your health, dogs have proven to be more than "man's best friend". Here's why!


The Importance of Immunizations in Adulthood

Village Health Partners | 08/23/2022

Do you know about the vaccines and boosters recommended for your age? View this guide to ensure you're up to date on yours!


Four Quick Tips to Protect Yourself From the Sun

Laura Billingsley, FNP-C | 07/20/2022

Did you know 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime? Here are four easy tips you can practice to reduce your risk!


Ways to Reach Us

Village Health Partners | 07/13/2022

Alternative ways for you to reach us that don't involve long call wait times.


Recognizing Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Village Health Partners | 07/08/2022

6.5 million individuals in the U.S. age 65 and up have Alzheimer’s. Find out about warning signs and what you can do!


Coming soon: West Plano Medical Village, your new home for primary care

Village Health Partners | 06/17/2022

Legacy Medical Village is moving in Summer 2022! The best part... it's less than a minute away from Legacy Medical Village. Find out more here.


What Are Advanced Directives and Why Are They Important?

Village Health Partners | 06/15/2022

Learn about advanced directives and how they can legally safeguard your healthcare decisions.


Why Men Over 30 Need an Annual Physical

Jason Thornton, FNP-C | 06/15/2022

Even if you feel healthy, it's always recommended to have a physical exam every year. Here's why!


How to Get Ahead of Osteoporosis

Village Health Partners | 06/06/2022

Do you know the risk factors and signs of Osteoporosis? Learn about this condition and why it is called a "silent disease".



Get updates on the COVID-19 vaccine here.


Do You Know How to Recognize the Signs of a Stroke?

Village Health Partners | 05/26/2022

80% of strokes can be prevented, here's what you should know!


Learn More About Your Counselors!

Village Health Partners | 05/19/2022

Have you met your counselors Melanie and Marissa? Find out how they can be a part of your mental health journey!


Get to Know Your Dietitians

Village Health Partners | 03/22/2022

Learning about the dietitians available to you helps establish a great relationship with them and is beneficial for your overall care!


Five Life-Changing Facts About Women’s Heart Health

Dr. Susan Ponder | 02/22/2022

Do you have the right facts about women and heart disease? Test your knowledge and uncover the truth behind common heart disease myths!


Cancer Prevention: Top Tips to Lower Your Risk

Village Health Partners | 02/10/2022

Are you aware of the most common risk factors that contribute to cancer? Discover the lifestyle habits you can practice to maintain good health!


COVID-19 vaccine boosters and third doses at Village Health Partners

Village Health Partners | 01/14/2022

Find information and updates about booster shots and third doses here.


What Do You Know About The Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period?

Village Health Partners | 01/05/2022

Find out what this enrollment period is and who it is for. You may be eligible to drop or switch your plan. Learn more by clicking below!


Holiday Care for Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s

Dr. Douglas Fullington | 12/08/2021

Find out our top tips for caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease, dementia, or memory loss this holiday season.


The Importance of Annual Diabetes Screenings

Village Health Partners | 11/23/2021

These two diabetes screenings are crucial for your health. Do you know which one can prevent almost 95% of diabetes related vision loss?


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