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Introducing your care team

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The summer heat has arrived, and while most of us are here for it, the hot weather has some of us wishing for cooler weather and the beginning of football season! Just like Dak Prescott, Pat Mahomes and your favorite football players, you have a team of people working to keep you at your healthiest.

Meet your care team

Doctor – As the quarterback of your care team, your doctor is calling the plays and relaying the message to the rest of the team! They can see you for medications, annual physicals and are your first stop for all of your healthcare needs. Your physician can coordinate your referrals to specialists and is the primary point of contact for your care team.

Advanced practitioner – Think of your advanced practitioner as the running back! They receive the handoff from your physician and continue working toward your success. They are trained to assess your needs, diagnoses illnesses, prescribe medications, create a care plan for you and can also serve as your primary care physician! They provide you greater access to care and can work with you if you need your annual physical or need urgent care.

Dietitian and counselor – These specialists are your special teams! They can be extremely important to your overall health success and provide different skills than your primary care provider. If your doctor or nurse practitioner think you could benefit from working with our specialists, they can refer you to one of our dietitians or counselors. They are located in-office and work with your primary care provider about what’s best for your health. Your medical records and history are shared between them, so they have a full view of your health!

Care coordinator – Your offensive coordinator is here to help you develop a strategy to keep you successful and healthy! Your coordinator works with all other members of your team to coordinate care. They will reach out to you to help schedule your visits and make sure you don’t have any gaps in appointments. They can answer your questions, and they make sure you stay on track with your health and success!

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