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Melanie Wilder

About Melanie

Melanie is moving to West Plano Medical Village in July 2022! Learn more about that here.

Village Health Partners is proud to offer the services of registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist, Melanie Wilder. Melanie has 20 years of experience in helping patients change habits and learn to make smart lifestyle choices. She works with her patients to adopt an individualized, balanced and realistic approach to eating, regular physical activity and improved life management. Melanie currently provides individual nutrition counseling for a variety of health conditions within Village Health Partners and teaches group classes related to health, wellness and weight management. Melanie recently became a Board Certified Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management.

She is passionate about food and physical activity and enjoys providing patients with the knowledge and tools they need to be more successful. She believes in developing individualized plans and finds fulfillment helping patients learn to eat and move in ways that fit their own lifestyles. Melanie reminds patients that there is no magic formula for weight loss or a single method that works for everyone; changing habits takes hard work and commitment, however, it is liberating to remove the rigid rules of “diets” and learn to eat and move more intuitively. Melanie teaches skills based on science that help patients learn to achieve and, most importantly, maintain better health. She encourages her patients to make their personal reasons for living a healthier lifestyle a daily focus and to keep a written list of these in a prominent place for motivation.

Prior to joining Village Health Partners, Melanie started her career in dietetics at Zale Lipshy Hospital in Dallas before working at the Cooper Institute in Dallas as a research associate and dietitian.

How Melanie practices whole-person wellness

Melanie comes from an Italian family and loves anything family and food-related. She enjoys staying active with her husband and son by biking, kayaking and they go to the beach, swimming or water parks as much as they can. They also enjoy going to the movies and participating in church activities.


Bachelor of Science in nutrition sciences, Texas A&M University
Bachelor of Science in clinical dietetics, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas
She completed an internship in nutrition at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.


Melanie sees patients at Legacy Medical Village and will be moving to West Plano Medical Village in July! To schedule an in-office appointment with her, text (469) 382-3807. To schedule a telehealth appointment, click below.

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