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Get to know Catalyst Health Rx

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As part of their commitment to your whole-person wellness, your primary care physician works hand-in-hand with Catalyst Health Rx pharmacists to make sure you have the medications and care you need to live your healthiest life. Your pharmacist is another part of your care team that helps you have convenient access to medications and resources to help you with your prescriptions.  

What is Catalyst Health Rx?

Catalyst Health Rx (formerly Thrive Pharmacy) partners with Village Health Partners to provide you with extra resources outside of your family physician, nurse practitioner and medical assistant. Catalyst Health Rx helps you in a few different ways: 

  • Catalyst Health Rx saves you money. Your pharmacist at Catalyst Health Rx makes sure you get the best price for your prescriptions, even if it’s through a different pharmacy. They’ll check what’s covered under your insurance and what the cost is to you. And they can find more cost-effective alternatives. 
  • The pharmacist makes sure your medications are working or you. If you’re having side effects from your medication and need changes, they’ll work with your physician on finding an alternative medication on your behalf. 
  • They get all of your prescriptions together for you. You don’t have to worry about sorting pills or remembering if you’ve already taken your prescriptions! Catalyst Health Rx will put all your medications together into tear-away packets with any directions they need. They come all together in a box and are grouped by what time of day you need to take them. Catalyst Health Rx takes the work of keeping up with your daily medications off your shoulders. 
  • Your pharmacy is conveniently located at your Village Health Partners location. But if you’d prefer to have your medications delivered to you, Catalyst Health Rx will send them directly to your home.

We are so thankful to have these dedicated pharmacists as an extension of your care team!  Happy Pharmacy Appreciation Week.

Meet your pharmacists:

Legacy Medical Village – Angela Kuo

Independence Medical Village – Zach DeNardo

Frisco Medical Village – Joice Thomas

McKinney Medical Village – Zach DeNardo

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