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How to Prevent Traveler’s Stomach Bug

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Planning on going on vacation this summer? There’s nothing worse than getting sick while traveling. It can turn an otherwise relaxing and fun time into one of stress and discomfort. Keep reading to find out how you can prevent coming down with traveler’s stomach bug. 

Prevent Traveler’s Stomach Bug

Practice Good Hygiene – Keep your hands and fingers away from your mouth as much as possible. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 40 seconds before each meal and after using the restroom. Alternatively, you could use an alcohol based hand sanitizer.

Be Picky With Food and Drinks – Avoid ice in beverages as it could have been made with unclean water and try to drink packaged beverages that come sealed from the manufacturer. Also, only eat hot foods that have been cooked and served quickly to avoid foods that have been sitting out for a while. Foods that have been sitting out, such as a buffet, are more likely to harbor harmful bacteria. Try to avoid fresh fruits and vegetables unless they have been peeled or washed in filtered water. Bacteria can live on the outside of unwashed and unpeeled produce.

Treat Traveler’s Stomach Bug

Stay Hydrated – if you get sick, try to stay hydrated with clean water or other fluids. It can be life threatening if you become too dehydrated from being sick.

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