Village Health Partners is now a part of Catalyst Physician Group.

Personalized Care From a Catalyst Health Rx Pharmacist

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This article was created in partnership with Catalyst Health Group. Catalyst Health Group is a nonprofit organization that supports patients, physicians and practices, including Village Health Partners. It was co-founded by Dr. Christopher Crow, co-founder and former physician of Village Health Partners.

Catalyst Health Rx is a local, independent pharmacy that is changing the landscape of healthcare. At Catalyst, we seek to disrupt current pharmacy practices by offering a dedicated pharmacist as a part of your healthcare team. The pharmacist works in coordination with your provider to provide the most cost-effective care possible.

At Catalyst Health Rx, your dedicated pharmacist will help you navigate your insurance’s preferred medication list by working directly with your doctor to provide options that meet your doctor’s desired plan of care while still meeting you where you are. These solutions include manufacturer discount programs, grant programs, therapeutic alternatives, and Extra Help programs to lower the cost of your medications and help keep you healthy. Catalyst has saved its patients over $5 million over the past five years using these types of options!

One of our greatest successes last year was helping patients with diabetes afford insulin. Once the coverage gap kicked in, many patients could not afford the cost of their insulin. This led patients to pay out of pocket for regular insulin or insulin NPH, which can make it more difficult to manage their blood sugar. Our pharmacists were able to quickly identify this barrier and help their patients sign up for a manufacturer copay assistance program. This copay assistance program took the insulin costs from several hundred dollars to $25 a month for an insulin both the Doctor and patient preferred along with providing more stable and simple dosing.

What also sets Catalyst Health Rx apart from other pharmacies is convenience. We not only look to lower the costs of your medications, but we also make it easy by aligning your medications to be filled at the same time every month and delivering them to your home at no extra charge, depending on your insurance coverage. If your insurance allows, your pharmacy team members will call you each month to review your prescriptions before you run out, check on your health to make sure you’re getting the most out of your medications, and schedule delivery on a date that works best for you. Your pharmacy team is an extension of your doctor’s office and will communicate any needs or concerns you may have with your medications.

Tired of dealing with prescription bottles? Your pharmacist can help simplify your medications by using our prescription convenience packaging. This packaging organizes your medications by the times they are taken so that it’s as simple as tearing off a packet to take them. The medications are labeled with the date to help keep you on track. Currently, our pharmacy is leading the way across the DFW region in medication adherence with the use of our packaging system and personalized pharmacy team.

If you are looking for a pharmacist who will work with you to help meet your healthcare needs, visit, call (214) 291-5087, or ask your doctor how to get set up.

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