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What is the ImmTrac2 registry?

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If you recently got your COVID-19 vaccine (congratulations!), you may have signed a new form consenting to ImmTrac2. Your consent form explained that you were opting into a state vaccination registry, and you should know why it’s so important! Find more information about the ImmTrac2 registry below.

What is ImmTrac2 registry?

ImmTrac2 is the state of Texas’ vaccination registry. It has been called “ImmTrac2” since 2017 when it replaced an older system with the same name. It helps you keep track of your important vaccinations and provides one place for you to find proof of vaccinations, which you or your children may need when entering school, for certain jobs or when traveling. This registry is part of the Texas Department of State Health Services initiative to increase vaccine coverage in Texas.

Why should I use ImmTrac2?

Immunizations are important for protecting you and your community from illness and disease. It’s important to know when you’re due for certain vaccines and it can help you and your primary care provider keep you healthy! Immtrac2 also helps you keep track of all of your immunizations in one location.

Am I automatically enrolled by the state of Texas?

No, you must enroll in ImmTrac2. You are not automatically enrolled.

Children are also not automatically enrolled, but they can be enrolled by their parents. This usually happens when they are born at a hospital. When a child turns 18, they have to sign a new consent form or the vaccines records will be deleted when they turn 26.

Is ImmTrac2 secure?

ImmTrac2 is encrypted, secure and confidential, and only certain organizations have access to records. These organizations include health care providers, schools and public health departments.

Where does this information come from?

After you enroll, your vaccination records are automatically sent from places that provide immunizations, including health care providers, pharmacies, health plans and other health clinics. Adults who enroll should send their previous records with their consent form, but once you opt in, your records are automatically sent. Children who are enrolled at birth have their records automatically sent.

Why should I use ImmTrac2?

It’s important to keep track of your vaccinations so you can continue to get them at the right time! You might not always remember when it’s time for the next dose or which vaccines you got ten years ago. This takes the guessing out! If you have multiple providers or are no longer seeing your previous healthcare providers, this makes it easy for you and your providers to access these records.

How can I enroll in ImmTrac2 and how can I access my immunization records?

If you’d like to enroll or access your immunization records, click here.


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