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Wound Care in Plano, TX

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While most wounds are superficial and only require at-home cleansing and dressing, some wounds are deeper and require medical attention. The most common signs of a wound are pain, swelling, and bleeding. To prevent infections or loss of motor function, physicians can be required to help restore any underlying damage to bones, muscles, tendons, arteries, and nerves, in some cases. In addition, pet or insect bites should always be seen by a physician because of the susceptibility to infection. It’s important to know the status of your last immunizations, so keep a record of the last time you had your tetanus shot or booster vaccine. It’s encouraged to have those at least once every five years. Wound care is necessary to prevent infection, any additional injuries and promote healthy, healing skin. The trained physicians at Village Health Partners treat wounds of all kinds and will ensure that proper healing occurs and scarring kept to a minimum.

What is included?

Depending on the severity of the wound, some can be treated at home with routine first aid, but others require medical attention, especially if bleeding cannot be stopped even if it’s elevated and has pressure applied to it. A physician will assess the size and depth of the wound, as well as the level of severity of the injury. When it comes to burns, broken bones or deep lacerations, a doctor will clean and possibly numb the area with medication. Usually, the wound will be closed using skin glue, stitches, or sutures. A tetanus booster shot will be given if you have a punctured wound. Immediate aftercare may include penicillin or another antibiotic to prevent infection. It’s important to always wash your hands and work on a clean surface when changing your dressings.

Additional Tests

Usually wound care is treated in one session. However, there is the risk of infection. Be sure to contact a physician if your wound reopens or the area becomes dark, bigger or deeper. In serious cases, surgery may be required to remove the infected tissue.

Putting Your Aid First

Our medical practice encourages its patients to take quick action when it comes to wound care. We want to help patients live healthy lives, which is why we provide the most appropriate treatment to reduce the risk of complications. Our medical team looks forward to meeting you. Please contact our office to schedule an upcoming appointment.

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