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Bone Density Screening in Plano, TX

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Bone density tests evaluate the strength of your bones by measuring a small part of one or several bones. Bone mineral density (BMD) estimates the mass of the bone and allows physicians to predict fracture risks. According to the national osteoporosis foundation, women 65 and older, and men 70 and older should test their bone density as they have a higher chance of risk factors for osteoporosis or similar medical conditions. Other risks for low bone mass include family history, small and thin stature, inactive lifestyles, and the use of certain medications. Village Health Partners has seasoned family doctors who specialize in women's health and who can test and treat for bone loss.

What is Included?

A bone density test is called a DXA or DEXA scan, and uses X-rays to measure how many grams of minerals, especially calcium, are packed into a portion of bone. The patient will lie on a padded platform while a mechanical arm passes over the body. A small machine measures the bone density within your skeleton, ranging from your fingers to your spine. Most physicians recommend an annual scan to monitor any changes in bone mass.

Additional Tests

There are several types of ways to measure bone density. Central machines measure hip, spine and total body bone density. Peripheral machines measure finger, wrist and heel bone density. Additionally, an ultrasound beam can asset bone mass. Bone density scores will vary by testing methods.

Bone Health for Life

Our medical practice wants to give its patients the best treatment and testing possible. We strive to help senior women and men live healthy lives, which is why we recommend density tests to help detect low bone mass. Our medical team is here to give you excellent care and looks forward to meeting you. Please contact our office to schedule and upcoming appointment.

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