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A women’s well-check exam is the best way to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle and catch or prevent certain medical conditions and diseases that may arise. These annual check-ups, offered by the family doctors of Plano Village Health Partners, include breast exams, heart and lung screening, a cholesterol screening, skin screenings, pap smears, and bone-mineral density screenings. Additionally, basic lab and urine screenings can also be conducted. Furthermore, patients can choose particular gynecology and wellness services depending on their needs, including STD testing, fertility evaluation and any physician-ordered bloodwork. The Plano, TX family doctors at Village Health Partners will also look at high or low blood pressure and other screenings to monitor whether medication or a diet change is necessary. 

What is included?

Annual health check-ups are strongly recommended and can include any or all of the following preventative tests:

  • Breast exams should take place annually from age 20, and mammograms should be received annually from age 40.
  • Heart health can be monitored during your regular annual check-up. A cholesterol screening should be taken in your early twenties then repeated every 5 years until the age of 45. If you have a cholesterol level over 200, have a family history of heart disease or are 45 and older, annual cholesterol screenings are recommended.
  • Annual skin screenings are important for early detection of melanoma, the second most common cancer for women. If you are at high risk based on lifestyle, personal medical history or skin conditions, mole and freckle screenings are recommended twice a year.
  • Pap smears are recommended every 1-2 years from age 21 depending on lifestyle and personal health history.
  • Bone-mineral density screenings should begin at age 65 and reoccur every 5 years afterward to diagnose and manage the risk of osteoporosis.

Common Health Issues

The leading causes of death in women are heart disease, breast cancer, stroke, chronic lower respiratory disease, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Other common women’s health issues include osteoporosis, melanoma and depression. Preventative testing, a nutritious diet, regular exercise, medical treatment for chronic health problems and avoiding smoking are all key ways to help prevent women’s health issues.

Healthy Tips for Women

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with balanced nutrition and regular exercise are important factors for overall wellness. Our Plano doctors also recommend:

  • Take a daily women’s multivitamin that includes calcium and iron. Calcium help maintains bone density, and iron can prevent anemia. Recommended daily values vary based on age and pregnancy.
  • Protect your skin. Wear sunscreen and preventative clothing outdoors.
  • Don’t smoke. Smoking can cause health problems like lung cancer and fertility issues.
  • Heart disease is the number one cause of death for women. Help your heart by de-stressing, exercising regularly and limiting salt intake.

Make Wellness a Priority

Our medical practice houses some of the top women’s health specialists. We want to prevent any unforeseen medical conditions as well as tackle any diagnosis, which is why we recommend annual women’s wellness check-ups. Our medical team is to guide patients through developing a healthier lifestyle and overall wellness.

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