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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Plano, TX

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Village Health Partners of Plano, TX is proud to have seasoned family doctors on-staff that specialize in men's health. Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition that can cause low self-esteem and strained confidence in men. This condition typically effects men ages 40 and older, however, it can occur at much younger ages as well. The main symptom of erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or maintain an erection. Patients who believe they suffer from erectile dysfunction should first consult with their physician and undergo a physical examination. This examination will help to ensure that there are no underlying health concerns connected to your condition. Erectile dysfunction is treatable with medication and a treatment plan will be discussed between doctor and patient after your examination.

About the Procedure

Having erectile trouble from time to time is normal and not a major concern; however, if patients have consistent issues with getting or maintaining an erection it is recommended to seek out medical attention. Because erectile dysfunction is a sign of other underlying serious health conditions which include heart disease, it is very important to speak with a doctor the moment you suspect you have this condition – no matter how embarrassing. The typical procedure for diagnosing erectile dysfunction is a physical examination and blood test. During the procedure, the doctor will look for any abnormalities in your test and discuss with you any health concerns or findings. Medication may be prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction depending on the patient and their results.

Providing the Best Care

Our medical facility strives to provide patients with the best treatment and preventative care possible. Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition with powerful symptoms. We offer quality care and services to help our patients overcome this condition and live healthy, normal lives. Through our excellent doctors and staff, we continuously maintain our standards for excellence when it comes to men’s health and beyond.

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Additional Tests

Further testing may be required in patients who are found to have additional health concerns during their physical examination. At times, erectile dysfunction is a symptom of other, more serious health conditions. It is during these instances that patients will need added testing.

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