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Meet Our Team

60 Team Members
  • Dr. Zachary Castle

    Dr. Zachary Castle

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – Dr. Zachary Castle is a board-certified family medicine physician and brings more than 8 years of experience.

  • Dr. Samiksha Shah

    Dr. Samiksha Shah

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – Dr. Shah is dedicated to providing the best quality care for her patients by utilizing an evidence-based approach that promotes better health.

  • Dr. Sandy Nguy

    Dr. Sandy Nguy

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – Dr. Sandy Nguy is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician who has a firm belief in preventive care and patient education.

  • Dr. Scott Wang

    Dr. Scott Wang

    Family Practice Physician

    McKinney – Dr. Scott Wang is a dedicated physician for Village Health Partners. Click below to schedule.

  • Dr. Madhavi Ampajwala

    Dr. Madhavi Ampajwala

    Family Practice Physician

    Frisco – Dr. Madhavi Ampajwala is a family doctor, specializing in pediatrics and adolescents, menopause and women’s health.

  • Dr. Jamison Albracht

    Dr. Jamison Albracht

    Family Practice Physician

    Frisco – Dr. Jamison (Jamie) Albracht is a cofounder of Village Health Partners (VHP), one of the nation’s largest family medicine practices.

  • Dr. Michael Yao

    Dr. Michael Yao

    Family Practice Physician

    McKinney – Dr. Michael Yao is an experienced physician with over 29 years of medical experience. Click below to schedule.

  • Dr. Greg Ennis

    Dr. Greg Ennis

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – As a family doctor, Dr. Ennis specializes in women's and men's health, including annual physicals and disease prevention.

  • Dr. Keith Eppich

    Dr. Keith Eppich

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – In his approach to treating patients, Dr. Eppich emphasizes wellness and preventative medicine to ward off chronic disease.

  • Dr. Abel Garduño, Jr.

    Dr. Abel Garduño, Jr.

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – Dr. Abel Garduño, Jr. is a family doctor with Village Health Partners and has been recognized as one of Collin County's Best Doctors.

  • Dr. Sander Gothard

    Dr. Sander Gothard

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – Recognized as one of Texas' best family doctors, Dr. Gothard specializes in men’s and women’s health, pediatrics and immunization.

  • Dr. Shane Hall

    Dr. Shane Hall

    Family Practice Physician

    McKinney – Dr. Hall treats patients of all ages and is passionate about preventive medicine.