Dr. Michael Yao

About Dr. Yao

Dr. Michael Yao has over 29 years of medical experience. He completed his residency with the Forbes Health System in Monroeville, PA and received M.D. from Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. He is board certified in both Family Medicine and Geriatrics. He has spent much of his career teaching medicine to medical students and residents.

The landscape of medicine is constantly changing. Dr. Yao believes that helping patients keep up with the latest developments is important for them to take charge of their health. He believes that physicians should focus on communication and transparency with their patients about their health concerns.

His advice to patients is to “never give up; always focus on moving forward with your health goals.” Dr. Yao urges his patients to never be afraid to ask questions. He strongly recommends patients see a physician with whom they are comfortable with; so each patient has a level of trust that allows them to be completely open about their health.

Dr. Yao and his wife, Amy, reside in Frisco, TX. They have two children, Carolyn and Justin. Their family regularly practices activities that involve cardio and weight training. Other activities Dr. Yao enjoys are drawing, reading, watching movies, and studying Classical and Biblical Greek.

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