Village Health Partners is now a part of Catalyst Physician Group.

Meet Our Team

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  • Dr. Madhavi Ampajwala

    Dr. Madhavi Ampajwala

    Family Practice Physician

    Frisco – Dr. Madhavi Ampajwala is a family doctor, specializing in pediatrics and adolescents, menopause and women’s health.

  • Dr. Jamison Albracht

    Dr. Jamison Albracht

    Family Practice Physician

    Frisco – Dr. Jamison (Jamie) Albracht is a cofounder of Village Health Partners (VHP), one of the nation’s largest family medicine practices.

  • Dr. Heather Sheffield

    Dr. Heather Sheffield

    Family Practice Physician

    Frisco – Dr. Sheffield's services range from care of newborns to adults, including child/adult care check-ups, preventative care, dermatological care.

  • Dr. Bradley Sprenger

    Dr. Bradley Sprenger

    Family Practice Physician

    Frisco - Dr. Bradley Sprenger is a board-certified family medicine physician who offers infant, pediatric, adolescent, and adult care.

  • Dr. Jacob Standard

    Dr. Jacob Standard

    Family Practice Physician

    Frisco – Dr. Jacob Standard is a board-certified Family Medicine physician at Village Health Partners Frisco Medical Village in Frisco, TX.

  • Brett Driver, FNP-C

    Brett Driver, FNP-C

    Advanced Practitioner

    Frisco – Brett Driver is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with Village Health Partners. Schedule with Brett by clicking below.

  • Seethu Abraham, FNP-C

    Seethu Abraham, FNP-C

    Advanced Practitioner

    Frisco – Seethu Abraham is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner at Village Health Partners. Click below to schedule.

  • Sweta Manek, FNP-C

    Sweta Manek, FNP-C

    Advanced Practitioner

    Frisco – Sweta Manek is a family nurse practitioner with more than seven years of experience. She focuses on self-care and whole-person wellness.

  • Dr. Stacey Abraham

    Dr. Stacey Abraham


    Frisco – Dr. Stacey Abraham is a board-certified Pediatrician caring for patients at Village Pediatrics in Frisco.