Seethu Abraham - Advanced Practitioner

About Seethu

Seethu Abraham is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner at Village Health Partners Frisco Medical Village and sees patients ages 2 and older. She is passionate about preventive health, mental health, nutrition and becoming a partner in healthcare for patients. She encourages open conversation with patients about any of their health concerns.

Seethu encourages patients to keep up with annual screenings to better understand changes in their bodies and to prevent chronic conditions. She wants patients to focus on preventing conditions through lifestyle modifications rather than treating them after they develop. She also encourages patients to prioritize their mental health, especially by lowering stress, so that symptoms don’t manifest physically. She wants patients to listen to what their bodies need and be patient with themselves on their healthcare journeys.

Seethu emphasizes the importance of good nutrition and eating a variety of fruits and vegetables to achieve whole-person wellness. She also believes maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, proper oral health and getting enough quality sleep are important parts of a healthy lifestyle.

She graduated from Seattle Pacific University with her masters of science in nursing and from Texas A&M Corpus Christi with her bachelor’s in nursing.

Seethu lives in Frisco with her husband Liju. In their free time, they enjoy nature walks, hiking and healthy cooking.

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