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Melanie Hoffman

About Melanie

Melanie is moving to West Plano Medical Village in July 2022! Learn more about that here.

Melanie Hoffman is a counselor who brings more than 10 years of experience to Village Health Partners. She is passionate about helping patients maintain quality of life and preserving their rights to protect personal choices.

Melanie works with patients through chronic and terminal illnesses, mood disorders, life transitions and broken relationships. She enjoys seeing patients develop new coping skills that allow them to rise above negative experiences and helps patients be better equipped for the future. She believes one of the most critical building blocks of personal development and fulfillment is the ability to navigate life successfully and find joy in daily living through positive relationships that motivate and encourage us.

She wants to help patients vocalize their genuine emotions and whatever is causing them pain, and she encourages patients to broaden their perspective, so they see they are not alone in what they’re experiencing. She facilitates reviews of other times in a patient’s life to help them see that they eventually felt better after what they faced. She wants patients to get better as soon as possible and helps them feel there is hope in their near future.

Melanie recommends patients focus on sleep and rest (both necessary to maintain emotional and psychological health), a healthy diet and keeping up with regular screenings to avoid unnecessary negative impacts on health and finances

How Melanie practices whole-person wellness

Melanie lives in Dallas and enjoys watching movies, and attending concerts including a special regular, Jimmy Buffet. Her favorite vacation spots include St. Augustine Beach, Florida where her brother lives, and exploring other beaches during special mother-daughter trips. She also currently volunteers with Faith Presbyterian Hospice.


Bachelor of Music Education, Texas Christian University
Master of Social Work, Direct Practice, University of Texas – Arlington


Melanie sees patients at Legacy Medical Village and will be moving to West Plano Medical Village in July! To schedule an in-office appointment with her, text (469) 382-3807. To schedule a telehealth appointment, click below.

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Prioritizing your mental health

Special Edition: Two Minutes with Melanie Hoffman - PTSD Awareness Month


"Dr. Michael Yao carefully went through my bloodwork with me. He gave me healthy ideas to add to my daily lifestyle. Thanks so much."


Office Visit

"She listened to me, was patient and made some suggestions to me. "


Office Visit

"This lady is awesome!! VHP is lucky to have her!!! I appreciate everything she has done for me. Thank you."


Office Visit

"The staff was very good, about trying schedule a new appointment "


Office Visit

"I have been working with Melanie for 3 months, at the time of this writing, and so far, the results have been even better than I expected. Thanks to her approach and guidance, it was not very difficult to make certain lifestyle adjustments. Melanie is a consummate professional, great with ideas, and crafting a plan to suit your needs, helping you achieve whatever goals you may have set. I would gladly, and highly recommend her to anyone."



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