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What is a medical assistant?

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Whether you’re new to Village Health Partners or are very familiar with your office visit process, you might be wondering who the person walking you to your exam room and starting your appointment is. Your medical assistant will probably introduce themself with their name and tell you that they’re your physician’s medical assistant. But what does that mean? Learn more about one of the members of your care team below.

What is a medical assistant?

Medical assistants work with a physician or advanced practitioner and are focused on your care. They can work at primary care facilities like Village Health Partners or at hospitals or other medical offices. They go over your medical history, help with exams, can give instructions for taking different medications, help with lab tests and so much more.

Your medical assistant is an important part of your care team at Village Health Partners and helps coordinate your medications, referrals, care and can answer many of your questions. They’re the first person to see you at your appointment and make sure you feel comfortable. Your medical assistant works closely with your physician and helps prepare them for your visit!

In addition to the medical assistant you see during your appointment, you have a team of medical assistants who can answer your questions about medications, the type of appointment you need, test results and more through the patient portal or over the phone.

What do medical assistants do?

  • Take your vitals – They start your visit taking your height, weight, temperature and blood pressure to keep a baseline of your health so your physician can notice any changes between visits. They also go over your medical history.
  • Administer vaccines – Your medical assistant is the person who will keep you up to date on your immunizations.
  • Coordinate your medications – They coordinate with pharmacies and can help you learn how to take them.
  • Collect and prepare lab tests – If you’ve been tested for COVID-19 at McKinney Medical Village, your test was likely done by a medical assistant!
  • Answer your questions – From the start of the appointment to follow-up phone calls, your medical assistant can help you understand your health and connect you with your physician when needed.
  • Work with your physician – They help keep your physician on track with appointments, can help with certain procedures and are your physician’s right-hand person throughout the day.

How your medical assistant makes a difference in your care.

Your medical assistants advocate for you and your health, and they make sure your appointment goes smoothly and that you’re comfortable. They also make sure your physician has all of the information they need so they can spend more time addressing your concerns.

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