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Annual Physical for Children in Plano, TX

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Even more so than adults, children change rapidly from year to year with many changes not physically visible. This is why an annual physical is so critical in ensuring a child’s good health, as well as checking for any problems or abnormalities. Parents should take their children in once a year for a complete physical examination to assess proper growth and development. The experienced practitioners at Village Health Partners in Plano, TX know exactly what to look for to ensure and promote the good health of children.

What is Included?

An annual physical, or well-child exam is a comprehensive check-up of the overall health of a child. It includes disease detection, documents whether a child is progressing at a normal rate, and promotes overall good health. Practitioners will check height, weight, blood pressure, and often vision and hearing. Blood and urine samples are taken to test for a variety of conditions, such as diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, cancer, and more. At this time, the stomach will be palpated to check for any signs of abnormalities, such as a tumor. The doctor will also listen to the heart for any signs of heart murmurs or other abnormal activity. The lymph nodes in the neck will be touched to make sure they aren’t swollen, which could be a sign of a tumor or other diseases. Any needed immunizations can be given during this visit as well. This is also the time for parents and older children, especially, to bring up concerns about nutrition, sleeping habits, dieting, and emotional and social issues, such as depression or anxiety.

Additional Tests

While most well-child exams turn out to be fine, there are cases where additional testing may be required. If anything appears to be out of the ordinary, a doctor may refer a child to a specialist such as an ear, nose, and throat specialist or an internist for hormonal issues. For older girls, they may need to see a gynecologist for a pap smear if a urinalysis shows abnormal activity. If a child’s BMI, or body mass index, is too high, he or she may receive nutrition counselling and dieting guidelines from the primary care physician or a nutritionist.

Stay Healthy!

A well-child exam is intended to both ensure and promote good health, so it is our mission to fully examine children to ensure a happy and healthy childhood. Our team of highly-qualified professionals can take care of your child from infancy into adolescence and we are with you every step of the way. Please contact our office as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

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