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The seasoned family doctors at Village Health Partners in Plano, TX understand the importance that health and fitness plays in sports. That is why we offer pre-participation examinations, also known as sports physicals, to help determine if a student is healthy enough for the sport in which they are participating in. This exam assesses the athlete's overall medical condition, and examines their potential risk for injury. This examination is a requirement for students wishing to participate in school-related sports and must be given at least 4 - 6 weeks prior to the start of the season. This simple examination consists of looking over and discussing the patient’s health history, as well as giving a physical examination. Through sports physicals, we are able to address any concerns and preparation prior to the beginning of the season, so that every athlete can play at their very best.

What to Expect

Sports physicals are extremely common and are a requirement for most student athletes throughout the United States. A sports physical is conducted in two parts: medical history and physical examination.

  • Medical History: During the medical history section, your practitioner will discuss with you any illnesses or injuries you have had as well as discuss any medical illnesses common throughout your family, such as heart disease or diabetes. Following the medical history discussion, your practitioner will give you a physical examination.
  • Physical Exam: This examination will help to determine if the child is physically capable of participation and if there are any areas of concern that may cause injury during participation. The physical examination is not invasive and does not require students to conduct any arduous work. Sports physical requirements vary among state and school districts, so it is important to inquire about the requirements prior to your visit so that you may be eligible for play.

Additional Tests

Following a sports physical, students may be recommended for additional testing if their practitioner sees something abnormal during their examination. A request for additional testing may hinder the student from play until all of their test results have returned and the doctor clears them. This should be kept in mind when scheduling a sports physical, so that all tests will be complete prior to the start of the season. A request for additional testing may be needed for students who have had previous sports injuries or a chronic illness. Additional testing helps to further decide if the athletic activity will be beneficial to the student without putting their health at risk.

Staying at Peak Potential

At our medical practice, we seek to provide patients with the best care options available. We humbly invite student athletes to schedule their sports physicals at our office, where we give excellent and thorough examinations. When scheduling through our office, we will work to ensure that you are on the court or field in no time.

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