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What is primary care?

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Have you ever wondered, “what is a PCP?” and why your insurance or employer wants you to have a PCP? Or what you can see your physician for? 

Well you’re in the right place! Here’s everything you need to know about primary care and what it does for you. 


What is primary care? 

Primary care is your “first stop” for care! This is comprehensive care that generally includes:  

  • Preventive care 
  • Screenings and diagnosis for diseases and illnesses 
  • Treatment for chronic diseases 
  • Treatment and testing for common illnesses 
  • Care and diagnosis for injuries 
  • Care coordination including referrals, prescriptions and more 

It’s important not only to have this care, but also to build a relationship with your PCP (primary care provider) so they have records of your health and you feel comfortable with your provider. 


What is a PCP? 

A PCP is a primary care provider, they are your first point of contact for healthcare. This can be a doctor or an advanced practitioner. Your physician and advanced practitioner work hand-in-hand together to ensure you receive the highest level of care possible. Learn more about the relationship between your doctor and advanced practitioner at Village Health Partners to find out how your care team partners together here.

Your PCP is concerned with your whole-person wellness, which means they want to make sure your physical and mental health are totally taken care of. Your primary care provider is the first one to notice any changes in your health through comparing the differences in your vitals from your annual physicals. Your provider works with you to maintain or improve your health through medication and lifestyle adjustments. They also help manage your chronic conditions. 

 You can find all of our primary care providers here

Why should I see my primary care provider first? 

If your provider thinks you can benefit from a specialist, they will refer you and coordinate with that specialist so your whole person is still being cared for. Working first through your primary physician or advanced practitioner ensures you’re getting the care you need and not seeing expensive specialists when your provider can address your concerns. It also makes sure you don’t have fragmented care and that all of your providers are working together for your health. 


What does primary care include? 

Your first-stop physician takes care of many of your health concerns! 

You can see your Village Health Partners PCP for:  

  • Annual adult physicals 
  • Men’s and women’s care 
  • Cancer screenings 
  • Immunizations 
  • Illnesses, like the flu or colds 
  • Rashes, cuts, scrapes and bumps 
  • Pre-surgery appointments 
  • Hormone replacement therapy 
  • Minor injuries such as sprains and strains 
  • Senior care, pediatric care and care at every stage of life 
  • And so much more! 

Click here to see all of the services you can receive. 

An important part of seeing a PCP is the relationship you build. Not only will they notice changes in your health vitals, they also want to get to know you, your social habits and your mental health. They also want you to feel comfortable bringing up your concerns and want you to have a safe space to discuss anything affecting your health. 


Is primary care the same as family medicine? 

Yes! Primary care can be family medicine, internal medicine or pediatric medicine. 

Family medicine focuses on children and adults while internal medicine focuses on adults and pediatric medicine focuses on children. Any of these providers can be your first point of healthcare and help you manage your or your child’s conditions. 

Village Health Partners PCPs can see adults and many see children as well! If you’re looking for a pediatrician, our team members at Village Pediatrics can help you take care of those most precious to you. 


An example of primary care in action 

Do you want an example from a patient of how prevention-focused primary care has made a difference in their long-term health? Read the feedback below: 

“My husband had been having some issues so we did our usual “whoever’s available,” and they set us up with a new PA named Emily at the West Plano clinic. What a smart, well-spoken, intelligent PA. She did the exam and then wanted us to go get a scan because she had a concern she wanted to check on. Well, she was right. He had a life-threatening blood clot in his leg. I’m so grateful for Emily and as I sat there listening to her talk to my husband I had to wonder what it felt like to know you just helped to save someone’s life. After 20 plus years at Legacy, my family just found our forever PA.” 

To schedule your appointment with a trusted provider at Village Health Partners, please text your preferred location below:   

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