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Five Steps for Healthy Aging

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Healthy Aging Month isn’t until September but it’s never too early to focus on improving your overall health and well-being. Discover the five habits you can put into practice now for healthy aging!

How to take charge of your health while growing older

1. Stay physically active

Exercise has endless benefits for people of all ages including improved heart health, flexibility, blood pressure, balance, immune health, coordination, motor skills, and stronger bones.

Low-impact physical activities that can help you look and feel your best:  

  • Yoga  
  • Swimming or water aerobics  
  • Walking or jogging  
  • Pilates  
  • Bicycling

2. Understand your medications

For the best results in your health, it’s important to thoroughly understand your prescriptions including the various names, how they work, and the proper dosages. As a Village Health Partners patient, your primary care provider works closely with Catalyst Health Rx pharmacists to make managing your medications easier!

How Catalyst Health Rx benefits you:  

  • The pharmacists can help you save money on prescriptions.  
  • They organize prescriptions on your behalf.  
  • The pharmacy is located within your Village Health Partners location.  
  • They can also deliver medications to your home!

Learn more about all Catalyst Health Rx has to offer here.

 3. Learn how to manage your health conditions

Health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease have to be closely monitored to reduce complications and prevent you from getting severely ill.

Ways to properly manage chronic conditions and diseases:  

  • Have a primary care provider that can assist you with important health decisions.  
  • Make adjustments to your lifestyle that better suit your health needs.  
  • Research or take an educational class to help you feel more comfortable maintaining your health condition.  
  • Make healthier food choices. Do you need help with incorporating healthy choices? Meet the in-house dietitians that work with your primary care provider.  
  • Be fully aware of the risks associated with habits that could negatively affect your health and conditions.  
  • Know the best way to reach your provider if concerns arise. Have you tried messaging them on the patient portal?

4. Work toward a healthy mind

Your mental health plays a crucial role in how you deal with everyday life and also affects your decision-making process, behavior, and emotions. As you age, looking after your mental health is just as important as maintaining your physical health.

To stay mentally healthy:  

  • Spend time with your loved ones and those who make you happy.  
  • Get plenty of sleep and increase your water intake.  
  • Reduce stress and anxiety levels with physical activity and exercise.  
  • Pick up a fun new hobby such as volunteering, crafts, gardening, dancing, or reading.  
  • Talk with a counselor to work through problems you struggle with.

Click here to learn how to start your online counseling sessions through telehealth.

5. Visit with your provider regularly

Routine check-ins with your primary care provider help to keep your health on track and allows them to identify concerning health problems while they’re still in early stages or prevent them from even starting.

To stay up to date with your provider:  

  • Talk with your physician about how often you should be seen for exams, vaccines, and checkups.  
  • Mark your calendar to make sure you’re prepared for upcoming appointments.  
  • Never skip your annual physical. You should have one every year, even if you feel fine!  
  • Let your provider know about anything that makes you concerned about your health.

Partner with one of our board-certified providers here for your next annual physical.

Growing older is truly a gift that should be celebrated. Studies show that happiness increases with age mainly due to new perspectives gained and coping methods learned over time. We take pride in supporting you in all aspects of your whole-person wellness. Cheers to continuous growth and better health! 

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