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Dr. Douglas Fullington - Independence Medical Village

About Dr. Fullington

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Dr. Douglas Fullington has practiced internal medicine for more than a decade and has a passion for teaching his patients how to maximize their health by optimizing their lifestyle. He believes it is far more effective to prevent disease than to treat it. 

He earned his undergraduate degree from Emory University and attended the Emory University School of Medicine, where he received his M.D. 

Prior to joining Village Health Partners, Dr. Fullington spent 10 years practicing internal medicine at a traditional private primary care practice in North Carolina. He moved to Texas in 2009 to practice as a hospitalist before returning to primary care in 2013, when he joined Village Health Partners. 

Dr. Fullington reminds his patients that the fundamentals for good health are healthy nutrition, exercise and adequate sleep. He believes that everything in life gets better when you feel vibrant and healthy, and that an investment in your health pays big dividends in every aspect of your life. 

Dr. Fullington practices his own advice and makes sure to exercise regularly. He enjoys running, bicycling and body-weight exercises to keep his body moving and his mind free. He also enjoys reading, watching movies and traveling with his family.

D Magazine Best Doctors in Collin County (2016-2017)


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