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Dr. Lauren Woolbert - Independence Medical Village

About Dr. Woolbert

Dr. Lauren Woolbert is a board-certified family practice physician with Village Health Partners. Dr. Woolbert is committed to educating her patients on the importance of preventative care. She is most passionate about wellness of the whole patient and believes mental health and nutrition are an integral part of health care. She is a firm believer in leading an active, healthy lifestyle and being mindful of being less sedentary as well as finding ways to make time for self-care.

How Dr. Woolbert practices whole-person wellness

Dr. Woolbert currently resides in Plano with her family. As a Plano West graduate, she is excited to be back in the community serving residents of the Plano area. Her hobbies include swimming, boating, and golfing. She also enjoys cooking and trying foods from a variety of cultures.


M.D., University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
Undergraduate studies, University of Texas at Austin
Dr. Woolbert completed her residency at Christus Santa Rosa in San Antonio, TX. During her training, she was Chief Resident and was the Clinic MVP in residency.

Other languages spoken

Dr. Woolbert speaks Spanish.

Care team

Dr. Woolbert works hand in hand with Anabel Gomez, FNP-C, and she also works closely with team members at her care station. This includes Dr. Khoury and Dr. Ponder as well as advanced practitioners Alycia Hawkins and Maile Mixon.

Learn more about how your care team works together here.


"The best physician, I have ever encountered. She has excellent knowledge and know how plus great out of the box thinking. On top if all and most importantly, great listening ears. I highly recommend her as primary physician. In fact, I have admitted her to the "esteemed Dr. fellowship". I moved and had to let her go. Now, I am stuck with Baylor Scott and White insurance aka "Ghetto Healthcare""



"Dr. Woolburt is amazing! She's very attentive and listens to my needs and concerns"



"Incredible physician,👩‍⚕️!!"



"Doctors are great, office side not as good. First and foremost, my personal doctor (Woolbert) and PA (Alycia) are the absolute best doctors that I have EVER had in my life. Most of the other doctors and PA's are good as well. The business/office side of VHP used to be amazing. Easy to schedule with lots of availability, support staff was kind and helpful, and everything had a great flow. Was a well oiled machine. When COVID hit, this all began to fall apart. Appointments became more scarce, getting in contact with the office became more difficult, and the flow of the office seemed to start having more and more twists and turns. Fast forward to present day and you will find a business that seems to be struggling a lot. From the start, getting in contact with the correct facility is difficult, as they have multiple locations, and the phones system isn't that user friendly. Wait times are long and even the callback service can take an hour or two (sometimes more). Don't even bother trying to use the new patient portal, as the implementation and use of it has been a disaster and is a royal p.i.t.a. They still don't have things flowing with it after quite some time, yet they continue to encourage patients to use it more and more. Support staff seems understaffed and overwhelmed, can be rude, and constantly have to ask you to hold because the computer system "lock up" or "freezes" on them. Recently they switched to a system of the patient waiting in their car, when called going directly into a room, and then checking out in the room before leaving the office. Going back to the patient portal, they used to have a really good one. Hardly ever had trouble. The new one... not so much. Definitely seems like they tried to cut costs by switching to it. Communication over the portal used to happen within hours, now it can take serval days, even a week at times (especially if you are trying to get a referral sent anywhere). Referrals are a whole other monster in themselves. Unfortunately, my insurance requires them with everything. We have to reach out multiple times for every one of them because other doctor's offices never seem to get them, they say the wrong things, or it takes extra time to get there, which delays you setting up an appointment with your other doctor. To conclude, I will say that the only reason I will stay is because of my doctor and PA. I hope I never have to lose their care and support. They have helped me through some really tough times and I wouldn't have made it if not for them. I sincerely hope that the office side of things improves because VHP was always a good business model, it's just that after COVID (like with everything medical) things really started to suffer. It's as if VHP quadrupled their case loads while simultaneously cutting their staff numbers in half. I do know that if certain people are involved in getting things going in a positive direction again, things will eventually work themselves out."



"Scheduling with the rep over the phone was a breeze. She was patient and kind and accommodating and answered any questions I had. I got in the next day with Dr. Bradley Spreger (today) which is who I was hoping to get since some moms in local Facebook groups recommended him. I’m so glad I visited this practice because it’s conveniently located and very clean and updated with easy parking. The medical assistant gets straight to the point when you enter the exam room to ask you a series of questions about your health. She was very nice and helpful, she may seem short but I think she just wanted to get straight to the point and get her job done. Then Dr. Spreger comes in 3 minutes later concerned about my high blood pressure and listened to my concerns and did his physical exam on me for my annual physical. Praying for good news. Dr. Spreger is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to and I don’t feel judged or rushed so thanks Dr. Spreger! He gave me his advice and recommendations. Then Lauren checked me out and guided me to the Lab to get my blood drawn. Reagan, the phlebotomist was awesome and I usually warn phlebotomists prior to sticking me that in a hard stick but she got it on the first try. Everyone was great! But after reading these reviews I am afraid about how billing will be processed lol. Praying it won’t be mid managed with billing with insurance! But overall, a good experience and looking forward to going back."



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