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What to expect for a dietitian visit

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March is National Nutrition Month! Whether your provider just referred you to the in-house dietitian or you’ve been putting off learning how to incorporate more nutritious foods, here’s what you need to know before seeing a dietitian.

What is a registered dietitian?

A registered dietitian is a health professional who is board certified in food and nutrition and can promote health and disease management. A dietitian must be licensed in Texas and continuing their education to maintain their license. They are qualified to work in many health settings including hospitals, primary care clinics and more.

How does my dietitian work with my primary care physician?

At Village Health Partners, your dietitian works hand in hand with your physician on your care team. Your physician will refer you to a dietitian if they believe you could benefit from working with them. Your dietitian has access to your health records from your provider and can share their visit notes so your physician is kept up to date. They work together to develop a comprehensive care plan that keeps you at your healthiest.

What can I expect at a dietitian visit?

Currently, all dietitian visits are done through telehealth. Here’s what a telehealth appointment looks like.

At your first appointment, your dietitian will get to know you and your health history. They’ll go over your lab work and goals for seeing a dietitian. They want to get familiar with your lifestyle and eating habits, so they can help you set realistic milestones and take steps toward a healthy life.

Melanie Wilder focuses on compassionate care and creates a safe space for you to partner with her. Your dietitian focuses on whole-person wellness, which means they’re concerned with your mental health, quality of sleep, stress management, physical activity and more to understand your overall health and how they can play a part in your care.

What health conditions can they help me with?

Your dietitian can work with many health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, digestive issues, celiac disease, disordered eating, weight loss, weight gain and more.

Your dietitian can work with you to help naturally improve your diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and many other conditions. Seeing a dietitian can help improve your preventable health conditions before they develop into chronic disease through making lifestyle adjustments. This may help lower your medications or prevent the need for additional medication.

Do dietitians work with my dietary restrictions?

Yes! Your Plano dietitians can work with your religious, personal or medical dietary restrictions as well as any food allergies you have. They can help you find healthy and easy ways to make sure you’re getting the nutrients your body needs while avoiding certain foods.

How much do dietitian visits cost?

Dietitian visit costs depend on your insurance coverage. If you don’t have insurance, you can find cash-pay pricing here.

Can I have a dietitian visit through telehealth?

Yes! Both Amber Odom and Melanie Wilder see patients only through telehealth visits at this time. This means you can chat with your dietitian on your lunch break or even show them your pantry so they can help you make balanced choices!

Who is the dietitian at my location?

Melanie Wilder sees patients from all locations through televisits or in-person at West Plano Medical Village.

Melanie Wilder, RDN, CSOWM, LD works at West Plano Medical Village and sees patients virtually. She works with her patients to adopt an individualized, balanced and realistic approach to eating, regular physical activity and improved life management.
You can learn more about Melanie and schedule a visit here or by texting (469) 382-4891.

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