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Alycia Hawkins

About Alycia

Alycia Hawkins has served as a Nurse Practitioner with Village Health Partners since 2016. She spent the previous 8 years building her nursing career in the Emergency Department at UT Southwestern Medical Center while pursuing her advanced degree. She also has experience in pain management, pre/post-surgical care and home health. She enjoys working as a provider in Family Medicine because of the variety of health issues and development of patient relationship.

She encourages her patients to live a healthy, active lifestyle, that is focused on education and disease prevention to build strong habits that will last a lifetime. She believes prevention is key truly feels each visit is an opportunity to connect and improve the patient’s overall life and health.

How Alycia practices whole-person wellness

Alycia and her husband Joel live in Richardson, Texas with their 3 sons. As a family, they are actively involved in their church and enjoy spending time at the park, swimming and relaxing in their backyard. Practicing a healthy lifestyle, Alycia enjoys cooking healthy meals for her family and spends time rowing, running and doing yoga with her husband. She also lends her time and professional skills as a volunteer RN with Samaritan's Purse to provide disaster relief after a crisis.


Master of Science in Nursing, University of Texas at Arlington
Bachelor of Science in Nursing, East Texas Baptist University

As a member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honors Society, she was honored with the program's Clinical Excellence Award for her outstanding work in the clinical aspect of practice and leadership. She completed her residency program at UT Southwestern in the Emergency Medicine Department. Alycia plans to attain her Doctor of Nursing Practice in the near future.

Care team

Alycia works hand in hand with Dr. Wien and also works closely with team members at her care station. This includes Dr. Khoury, Dr. Ponder, Dr. Woolbert and advanced practitioner Maile Mixon.

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"I made an appt with a PA Alycia Hawkins and she was fantastic! I was in and out of the office quickly and able to do lab work in the same building. Happy with my first experience!"



"Shes been nothing but amazing. You can access her easily and is very responsive to questions you send in through the patient portal. She honestly has gone above and beyond for me and has been a very kind, intelligent and wonderful Nurse Practitioner for me, Id recommend her to everyone!"



"Alycia has been wonderful in supervising my care. Not sure about the initial reviewer's negative experience, but I find her engaged and super helpful in addressing all health related matters. In fact, my wife started seeing her when Dr. Albracht moved to Frisco. My son and daughter also started seeing Alycia once aging out of their pediatrician. I have only had positive feedback from them as well."



"Doctors are great, office side not as good. First and foremost, my personal doctor (Woolbert) and PA (Alycia) are the absolute best doctors that I have EVER had in my life. Most of the other doctors and PA's are good as well. The business/office side of VHP used to be amazing. Easy to schedule with lots of availability, support staff was kind and helpful, and everything had a great flow. Was a well oiled machine. When COVID hit, this all began to fall apart. Appointments became more scarce, getting in contact with the office became more difficult, and the flow of the office seemed to start having more and more twists and turns. Fast forward to present day and you will find a business that seems to be struggling a lot. From the start, getting in contact with the correct facility is difficult, as they have multiple locations, and the phones system isn't that user friendly. Wait times are long and even the callback service can take an hour or two (sometimes more). Don't even bother trying to use the new patient portal, as the implementation and use of it has been a disaster and is a royal p.i.t.a. They still don't have things flowing with it after quite some time, yet they continue to encourage patients to use it more and more. Support staff seems understaffed and overwhelmed, can be rude, and constantly have to ask you to hold because the computer system "lock up" or "freezes" on them. Recently they switched to a system of the patient waiting in their car, when called going directly into a room, and then checking out in the room before leaving the office. Going back to the patient portal, they used to have a really good one. Hardly ever had trouble. The new one... not so much. Definitely seems like they tried to cut costs by switching to it. Communication over the portal used to happen within hours, now it can take serval days, even a week at times (especially if you are trying to get a referral sent anywhere). Referrals are a whole other monster in themselves. Unfortunately, my insurance requires them with everything. We have to reach out multiple times for every one of them because other doctor's offices never seem to get them, they say the wrong things, or it takes extra time to get there, which delays you setting up an appointment with your other doctor. To conclude, I will say that the only reason I will stay is because of my doctor and PA. I hope I never have to lose their care and support. They have helped me through some really tough times and I wouldn't have made it if not for them. I sincerely hope that the office side of things improves because VHP was always a good business model, it's just that after COVID (like with everything medical) things really started to suffer. It's as if VHP quadrupled their case loads while simultaneously cutting their staff numbers in half. I do know that if certain people are involved in getting things going in a positive direction again, things will eventually work themselves out."



"Our family is a huge fan of the Nurse Practitioners, Maile, Alicia and Aleks. Wonderful clinicians, personable and down to earth. They always take their time with us and make sure all questions are answered."



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