In honor of Memorial Day we will be closed on May 29 and will remain normal business hours on Tuesday. Our weekend urgent care hours will remain the same.

Meet Our Team

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  • Mahnaz Shambayati, PA-C

    Mahnaz Shambayati, PA-C

    Advanced Practitioner

    Plano – Mahnaz Shambayati is a certified physician assistant who sees patients ages 5 years and older at Independence Medical Village.

  • Dr. Samiksha Shah

    Dr. Samiksha Shah

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – Dr. Shah is dedicated to providing the best quality care for her patients by utilizing an evidence-based approach that promotes better health.

  • Dr. Sandy Nguy

    Dr. Sandy Nguy

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – Dr. Sandy Nguy is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician who has a firm belief in preventive care and patient education.

  • Alycia Hawkins, FNP-C

    Alycia Hawkins, FNP-C

    Advanced Practitioner

    Plano – Alycia is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (APRN, FNP-C) and is passionate about patient care. She has over 9 years of experience.

  • Dr. Aparna Ayyagari

    Dr. Aparna Ayyagari


    Plano – An advocate for preventive medicine, Dr. Ayyagari provides the best in personal care by creating a strong patient-physician relationship.

  • Dr. Keith Eppich

    Dr. Keith Eppich

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – In his approach to treating patients, Dr. Eppich emphasizes wellness and preventative medicine to ward off chronic disease.

  • Dr. Douglas Fullington

    Dr. Douglas Fullington

    Internal Medicine Physician

    Plano – Dr. Fullington has practiced internal medicine for more than a decade and has a passion for teaching patients how to maximize their health.

  • Laura Billingsley, FNP-C

    Laura Billingsley, FNP-C

    Advanced Practitioner

    Plano – Laura Billingsley serves as a Nurse Practitioner. She works with patients and cares for their medical needs, while educating along the way.

  • Maile Mixon, PA-C

    Maile Mixon, PA-C

    Advanced Practitioner

    Plano – Maile Mixon is a Certified Physician Assistant who listens and understands patient concerns, and addresses them with compassionate care.

  • Dr. Rima Khoury

    Dr. Rima Khoury

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – Dr. Rima Khoury is board-certified in family medicine and has been practicing medicine for 20+ years. Click below to schedule.

  • Rebekah Ellis, FNP-C

    Rebekah Ellis, FNP-C

    Advanced Practitioner

    Plano – Rebekah Ellis is a Family Nurse Practitioner with Village Health Partners. Click below to schedule an appointment!

  • Dr. Greg Lensing

    Dr. Greg Lensing

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Lensing is particularly passionate about helping patients improve their cardiovascular health.

  • Dr. Susan Ponder

    Dr. Susan Ponder

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – A firm believer in disease prevention, Dr. Ponder advocates preventative health screenings and education about a healthy lifestyle.

  • Dr. Todd Wien

    Dr. Todd Wien

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – Dr. Wien has practiced for more than 24 years and takes a holistic approach to treating his patients, assessing all of their healthcare needs.

  • Dr. Lauren Woolbert

    Dr. Lauren Woolbert

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – Dr. Lauren Woolbert is a board certified family practice physician with Village Health Partners. Click below to schedule.

  • Aleks Fuller, PA-C

    Aleks Fuller, PA-C

    Advanced Practitioner

    Plano – Aleks Fuller is a certified Physician Assistant at Village Health Partners. She is a strong advocate for patient education.

  • Virginia Rady , ANP-C

    Virginia Rady , ANP-C

    Advanced Practitioner

    Plano – Virginia Rady is a certified Adult Nurse Practitioner at Village Health Partners. Schedule with "Sissy" below!

  • Marissa Stanfill, LPC

    Marissa Stanfill, LPC


    Plano – Marissa Stanfill is a licensed professional counselor at Independence Medical Village.

  • Anabel Gomez, FNP-C

    Anabel Gomez, FNP-C

    Advanced Practitioner

    Plano – Anabel Gomez is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with Village Health Partners.

  • Britney West, MS, RD, LD

    Britney West, MS, RD, LD


    Britney West is a Licensed and Registered Dietitian in Plano, Texas with a passion to help patients establish healthy, mindful eating habits.