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  • Dr. Samiksha Shah

    Dr. Samiksha Shah

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – Dr. Shah is dedicated to providing the best quality care for her patients by utilizing an evidence-based approach that promotes better health.

  • Dr. Keith Eppich

    Dr. Keith Eppich

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – In his approach to treating patients, Dr. Eppich emphasizes wellness and preventative medicine to ward off chronic disease.

  • Dr. Rima Khoury

    Dr. Rima Khoury

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – Dr. Rima Khoury is board-certified in family medicine and has been practicing medicine for 20+ years. Click below to schedule.

  • Dr. Greg Lensing

    Dr. Greg Lensing

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Lensing is particularly passionate about helping patients improve their cardiovascular health.

  • Dr. Susan Ponder

    Dr. Susan Ponder

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – A firm believer in disease prevention, Dr. Ponder advocates preventative health screenings and education about a healthy lifestyle.

  • Dr. Todd Wien

    Dr. Todd Wien

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – Dr. Wien has practiced for more than 24 years and takes a holistic approach to treating his patients, assessing all of their healthcare needs.

  • Dr. Lauren Woolbert

    Dr. Lauren Woolbert

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano – Dr. Lauren Woolbert is a board certified family practice physician with Village Health Partners. Click below to schedule.

  • Dr. Diana Roy

    Dr. Diana Roy

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano - Dr. Roy manages chronic conditions with special emphasis on the importance of a healthy balanced lifestyle to achieve overall wellness.

  • Dr. Hasan Syed

    Dr. Hasan Syed

    Family Practice Physician

    Plano - Dr. Hasan Syed sees patients ages 5 and up at Village Health Partners Independence Medical Village in Plano, TX.

  • Kristin Kim, FNP-C

    Kristin Kim, FNP-C

    Advanced Practitioner

    Plano - Kristin Kim is a certified family nurse practitioner at Village Health Partners – Independence Medical Village.

  • Mahnaz Shambayati, PA-C

    Mahnaz Shambayati, PA-C

    Advanced Practitioner

    Plano – Mahnaz Shambayati is a certified physician assistant who sees patients ages 5 years and older at Independence Medical Village.

  • Alycia Hawkins, FNP-C

    Alycia Hawkins, FNP-C

    Advanced Practitioner

    Plano – Alycia is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (APRN, FNP-C) and is passionate about patient care. She has over 9 years of experience.

  • Laura Billingsley, FNP-C

    Laura Billingsley, FNP-C

    Advanced Practitioner

    Plano – Laura Billingsley serves as a Nurse Practitioner. She works with patients and cares for their medical needs, while educating along the way.

  • Rebekah Ellis, FNP-C

    Rebekah Ellis, FNP-C

    Advanced Practitioner

    Plano – Rebekah Ellis is a Family Nurse Practitioner with Village Health Partners. Click below to schedule an appointment!

  • Janna Chun, FNP-C

    Janna Chun, FNP-C

    Advanced Practitioner

    Plano - Janna Chun is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner and works at Village Health Partners Independence Medical Village.

  • Virginia Rady , ANP-C

    Virginia Rady , ANP-C

    Advanced Practitioner

    Plano – Virginia Rady is a certified Adult Nurse Practitioner at Village Health Partners. Schedule with "Sissy" below!

  • Marissa Stanfill, LPC

    Marissa Stanfill, LPC


    Plano – Marissa Stanfill is a licensed professional counselor at Independence Medical Village.

  • Dr. Douglas Fullington

    Dr. Douglas Fullington

    Internal Medicine Physician

    Plano – Dr. Fullington has practiced internal medicine for more than a decade and has a passion for teaching patients how to maximize their health.

  • Dr. Aparna Ayyagari

    Dr. Aparna Ayyagari


    Plano – An advocate for preventive medicine, Dr. Ayyagari provides the best in personal care by creating a strong patient-physician relationship.